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Is refinancing right for you?
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Deciding to refinance your home is one of your most important financial decisions. There is no more important financial decision you can make than refinancing your present home. One easy transaction can help you better your long-term finance prospects in many ways:

  • Lower your monthly payments by hundreds or even thousands of dollars;
  • Obtain cash to pay off debts, start a retirement plan, pay for college, or a multitude of other uses;
  • Build-up equity more quickly; or
  • Move from an adjustable rate or balloon program to the security of a fixed-rate mortgage.

With so many choice--how can you be sure you are making the right decision? Such an important decision should not be left open to chance. With so many mortgage programs and interest rate options to choose from, you must have the advice of a professional. Plum Tree has refinanced millions of dollars in mortgages and I personally have guided hundreds of satisfied customers such as Ron and Nicole:

Some friends referred us to Josh and he didn't disappoint. He was helpful and accessible throughout the underwriting process, returning our calls promptly and answering all of our questions. He was also FAST (unlike the banks we inquired with) and the fees were reasonable. We managed to knock 23% off our monthly mortgage payment...that's a lot of groceries.
Ron and Nicole

I will review your current mortgage situation and give you a series of alternatives with absolutely no cost and no obligation. The only way you could lose is by not taking action. Call me at 503.282.3500, ext. 101, apply online now, or send an email to me and we can get the process started.



Home Apply Now Purchase Refinance About Josh Testimonials Contact Josh

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